Update from March 3rd, 2019
This site has been offline from July 30th 2018 until today, March 3rd, 2019 due to server malfunction. It is now back online although only twitter continues to be scraped. Facebook unfortunately changed their API policies now effectively denying scraping their public pages.

Manifesto from August 14th, 2017
Political life nowadays happens a lot in social media. Expressing oneself has never been easier, just as controlling how other people see oneself. This leads to a dangerous game of distractions, especially in politics. Voters need to know whom they are really giving their vote.

A first step towards a more transparent and less delusional political environment is a public record of tweets and facebook posts from persons of public interest. This is what is done here. Tweets are recorded in realtime, so even typos should apper in the logs. Facebook posts on the other hand are polled, making it possible to miss posts. Once a week all recorded Facebook posts and tweets are checked up on existence. Links returning with a 404 error are marked as deleted. They can be viewed separately.
A similar project called trumptwitterarchive has been developed by Brendan Brown. His archive covers some parts of the U.S. government and served as motivation for this project.
If one desires to get a copy of the current database, feel free to download the backup which is being recreated every Monday at 7 a.m. here.

The work is almost done now.
Further updates could provide more extensive statistics. Also, twitter pictures are not captured at the moment. Source code can be released if interest appears, so feel free to contact the creator if you are interested. This project has a planned lifespan of five years until August of 2022.

Feel free to reach out to the creator in case you want to see other accounts on the list or if you are otherwise interested in this project.